Mother Teresa- My first painting

I was watching the movie of mother Teresa. i don't know the reason, i was crying and crying while watching that. Imminently i bought the paintings(for students) material, started painting. some how i able to get the following paint. then i showed to my cousins, they appreciated and all my friends also appreciated. then i started doing other sketches and paintings. I believe painting art is mother theresa's gift for me..

BLOOD PAINTING (To Promote Blood donation)

Done it in my Blood on 2013th New year celebration, i have donated the blood for the new year and i painted this to promote donation of blood. this paint speak about donate blood save life. here a Bindu of blood is gifting to the needy.. Please donate your precious BLOOD at least once in a year..  

BLOOD PAINTING (Save Nature & Trees) 

This Also done in my Blood on new year vocation. this paint speak about dont cut trees,There is End of the human with nature..

This is one of my sketch.. which i most liked

A Romantic street hug just after rain...

Bamboo painting, It is one of the Chinese Art..


Warlis painting positions of classical dance 

Warlis is one of the Art of tribe people.They have their own animistic beliefs,life,customs and traditions,as a result of acculturation they have adopted many Hindu beliefs. This Warlis painting is about the the positions of classical dance. Generally the Warlis painting will be done a set of individuals, say set of marriage, set of village people. But here my creativity is, i have clubbed all the position of classical dance in one Warlis picture..


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